Thanks For Visiting!

Hi, my name is Marc Risdale and I want to be your next Councillor.

Hamilton is on the verge of massive change and growth as we make the transition to a post-industrial economy. Dundas is uniquely poised to be an engine for the entire City as we move forward. My platform consists of a plan for how we want to manage this bright new future. I call it Dundas 2020: A Vision for a Strong and Vibrant Community.

I’ve distilled my ideas into five main planks, upon which I will elaborate as my campaign evolves:

1. Attract Families
2. Welcome Innovation
3. Encourage Diversity
4. Enhance Infrastructure
5. Increase Prosperity

I’m very excited to share my vision with the citizens of Dundas and have a meaningful discussion about their priorities and values.

You can read my Opinion column from the September 23rd edition of the Hamilton Spectator here:

Please feel free to contact me at marcrisdale (at) gmail (dot) com.